The Perks of Having Counterfeit Currency Detectors


cashToday, most businesses are prone to currency theft because they don’t have the proper equipment to detect if a bill, check or credit card is fake or not. Furthermore, the majority of the time, they don’t ask people for their ids when transactions are being processed at cash registers, banks, etc.

In the past, when businesses would typically check money, they would hold them directly to the ceiling to see if the president’s picture is shown on the right side of the bill. If the picture is indeed there, then the bill is real, if not then it is considered to be a fake.


Next is the ink test and during this process, you simply take a pen and create a small streak on the bill. If the ink color stays the same, then the bill is legit…otherwise the bill will be considered to be counterfeit if it changes to a different color.

Of course, there are other ways to detect counterfeit money but these are the typical ones that most businesses use on a daily basis. Now there is another option to consider when checking counterfeit money and they are called counterfeit detectors.

What are counterfeit detectors and how do they work?

Basically, counterfeit detectors are devices used to help businesses increase their profit and recover their losses due to counterfeit fraud. The machines are generally equipped with both watermark and magnetic detection as well as micro printing magnification. What is unique about the detector is that it consists of an automatic self-feed, which generally eliminates the need to inspect the bills by hand.

How much do they cost

The counterfeit detectors are available to buy, but prices do vary. The highest quality counterfeit detectors can be found at iTestCash.  Their Handheld and Portable Ultraviolet Counterfeit Detector, and other machines offer

  • Compact design that fits both in your pocket and in the palm of your hand:
  • UV rays detect fake bills and IDs
  • 2 units per pack
  • Includes bill detection guide/manual
  • Uses two CR2032 3V batteries, comes included

The most expensive detector is the Infrared Camera Counterfeit Detector. It costs $220.99 and consists of the following features:

  • Dual band infrared camera, which verifies money in just a matter of seconds:
  • Verifies security features on both front and back of bills
  • A large LCD display for easy verification
  • Compact, lightweight design that can be placed on a stand or be mounted
  • Counterfeit currency guide